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31st AUGUST 2016


For those of you who work in the stop-motion business you'll know that work is often sparse. Our claymation skills are not needed all the time, however, I can't help but feel the problem here isn't claymation / stop-motion itself - it's the case that we need to sell ourselves a little better. I'm willing to argue this around 2 key points:


1. Good quality stop-frame / stop-motion is much harder to source than CGI or 2D. This is more than likely to do with the fact that traditionally it's a style of animation that requires a lot of space and a very wide skill set. This makes our selected technique rare. However, I feel confident in saying that it is just a popular with the public as any other form of animation. I'm back this statement up by highlighting the success of projects such as Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and, as we'll hopefully see over the next few weeks, Kubo and the Two Strings.


2. The skills required to produce good quality stop-motion are highly specialised, however, I would argue as 'specialist' animators that, on average, we aren't any no more or less expensive than those involved in CGI or even 2D / motion graphics.


Therefore, I would conclude that if we're working at a cost base equivalent to other styles of animation in a form that is just as popular (if not more so), it might just the case of us needing to sell our services better. TV and the web are stuffed with CGI and 2D - and experience tells me this is because the organisations and clients we work with don't always realise stop-motion is an option (and a great way for agencies and organisations to produce content that stands out from all the 2D and CGI that fills most of the marketplace. If you have any thoughts on the above feel free to email them through to me ( ) and I'll post them here for all to read - would love to get a little discussion going and hear the thoughts of others  :)


15th AUGUST 2016

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? - well here's a fantastic piece of GoT inspired stop-motion animation for Moleskine notebooks. IN a similar vein to the 'Loving Vincent' project (see 12th August) it took an awful lot of time and patience - 7600 paper cut-outs. I have to confess I've not seen GoT yet (I know, I know) ...but I'm worried about it's addictive nature. I have a business to run - and I'm pretty sure Breaking Bad cost me a packet !



12th AUGUST 2016


We all know animation involves huge amounts of patience, care and attention to detail. 2D animation can be exceptionally time consuming, but I really have to dip my hat to a production called 'Loving Vincent'. Astonishingly, it is to be painted in oils - that's right - it'll painted frame by frame in oil paints. Naturally, oils were selected to reflect the work of Vincent Van Gogh and the results are magnificent. It'll take no less than 69,000 individual oil paintings and, unsurprisingly, a hell of a lot of patience. Great stuff.



8th AUGUST 2016

IT'S A WRAP !!! We've just completed a new animation for York Hospital's Vascular Surgery team. It's a 60 second stop-motion instructional video on how to look after yourself post-surgery. The project will be competing in the 2016 EVES Video Competition taking place in Copenhagen. Good luck team !!!


4th JULY 2016

Wow, we're busy ! The studio is buzzing with activity as we produce more animations for clients in the USA. It'll be ready to launch later in the year. Happy 4th of July y'all !!!


20th JUNE 2016

It's in the can ! We've completed our brand new animations for Leicester City Council and their 'Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles' campaign ...roll on the big launch !


9th MAY 2016

We're expanding ! We'd like to say welcome aboard to our new sales agent Sally L. Sally will be hunting high and low to help businesses and organisations across the UK with their animation / video needs - the family continues to grow !


6th APRIL 2016

Something for all the stop-motion lovers among us - a countdown of the 10 most influential stop-motion animations of all time...










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